Why is Mergers and Acquisitions Thriving in These Regions?

Broken down regionally, M&A activity in the US increased three-fold to total $414 billion in the third quarter, while it spiked by 67 percent in the Asia-Pacific region to reach $274 billion and 21 percent in Europe to reach $231 billion.


Who is funding startups in the UAE and region?

It is then likely you will get funding from a plethora of regional and UAE based venture capitalists, and government-backed institutions willing to take a chance on startups, (tech or otherwise), provided you’ve done your due diligence.


Qatar well-placed to explore ESG market potential

As the world’s top liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter, Qatar sold $10bn in 5-,10- and 30-year bonds in April, the first Gulf state to raise cash in the debt markets during the pandemic and against the backdrop of low oil prices.


The performance of Gulf banks

On the other hand, credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s expects that Gulf banks will face continuous challenges until 2021 due to the long expected economic recovery.


Picking over the Laggards by Gary Dugan

The natural reaction of most portfolio managers in the wake of such good news would be to look to buy markets that have serially underperformed over the past seven months.