Banque du Caire selects Temenos 24 Core Banking

The bank plays an effective role in financing vital sectors of the national economy through participation in the syndicated loans serving different sectors, as well as in financing SMEs and Microfinance projects.


GFH-Bahrain FinTech Bay partnership launched

GFH will work closely with BFB to improve the acceleration of FinTech development in the Middle East along-side other top-tier regional and global financial institutions and technology industry leaders.


UAE Cybersecurity Firm Doubles Revenue to $400 Million

The firm, which earns about 80 percent of its revenue from U.A.E. government contracts, plans to grow from 650 to 900 employees by the end of the year, Chief Executive Officer Faisal Al Bannai told Bloomberg in an interview.


Keeping up with the robots

Automation may pose a threat to jobs, but it also puts an added psychological pressure on staff who have to keep pace with the robots


Blockchain-based payments ideal for Bahrain

The project is not meant to go live with a big bang go-live approach where you have 40 entities onboard because that would be a catastrophe, that is why you go step by step, we want to start with two and go from there.


SGBL goes digital with Backbase

The bank’s mission is to engage its customers -from retail to professional and corporate- with a range of new services and self-service capabilities across all channels.